Soft Girl Era Makeup | Latte Makeup - What's the difference?

"Latte makeup" typically refers to makeup shades that resemble the warm, neutral tones found in a latte coffee. This can include earthy browns, warm neutrals, and soft, muted tones often used for eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blushes to create a natural and warm look.
"Soft glam" refers to a makeup style that combines elements of both soft and glamorous looks. It typically involves neutral and muted eyeshadows, blended well for a seamless transition, along with defined but not overly dramatic eyeliner. The goal is to achieve a polished and sophisticated appearance without the intense drama of a full-on glam look. Soft glam often includes soft, natural-looking lips and a focus on achieving a flawless complexion with subtle contouring and highlighting.
At Constance Beauty we've been using our face powders as eyeshadow to achieve this neutral toned makeup.
For example; if your foundation shade is #8 and your brightening powder is Golden Bronze and contour is Cappuccino, you can use both this tones as eyeshadow for a seamless look.
Latte makeup essentials for ALL skin tones.

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