Timeless Soft Glam Latte Makeup

This is a makeup trend that isn't going anywhere. Although bold color lips, cut creases comes and go, the neutral full glam using neutral tones is a style of makeup that will never go away.

Don't confuse latte makeup with natural makeup, a lot of makeup is used to achieve this look. Although neutral and soft, this style of makeup is meant to last alllll day so expect to use several layers of moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, and layers of setting and complexion powder.

Made popular by makeup artists like Kevin Luong, Patrick TA, Makeup by Mario, Makeup by Ariel and your favorite #UKBlackGirl on Tiktok.


We achieve this look here at Constance Beauty with the following:

-C30 high moisture face cream + C30 Glow oil

-Constance Beauty Translucent Powder to set the T-ZONE to prevent getting oily during the day/night

-Constance Beauty Foundation (2 shades, 1 around the face, 1 as concealer)

-Constance Beauty Complexion powders (up to 3 shades in one makeup look -brightening, contour and blending shades)

-Constance Beauty dark brown lipstick as liner (issa goddesd, dark berry, chestnut, mahogany as options) 

-Constance Beauty nude lipstick to apply over the brown liner (ego, bare, content, honey, lori gloss, linda gloss)

-Constance Beauty In the Nude eyeshadow palette for neutral tones and blush 

We can help you choose the right foundation and face powders by:

-sending your makeup free selfies 

-take selfies indoors by the window with the curtains/blinds open to get lots of natural light hititng your face

-turn off the lights in the room (switch off artificial light)



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